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Aotearoa Driving Academy know that all learner drivers are at various levels of ability and have different learning styles. We use a Nissan Pulsar for our manual dual controlled car and a Toyota Corolla for our automatic dual controlled car. We are happy for you to use your own, however, we highly recommend having an assessment first in our vehicle to ensure your safety before tackling higher volume traffic in your ‘non dual’ controlled car. To get the best out of us we suggest that you check out some of the lesson outlines below and use the 'Book now' button to secure your place.

  • Driving Assessment for restricted or full tests – If you have been on your Learners/restricted license for a while and think you are ready to go for your restricted/full license or you just want to know what you need to improve on before you take the next step, this is for you. Our professional driving instructor will spend 1 hour with you driving around various locations within Christchurch and spend an extra 15 minutes with you detailing what is necessary for you to learn before taking your test.
  • One, one and a half or two hour lesson – If you are a complete novice at driving or have had an assessment and need extra lessons these options are for you. Aotearoa Driving Academy pride ourselves on tailoring your lessons to meet your individual needs, we work together with you and your driving coach (if you have one) to get the most out of your lesson and the time you have in between. We are also happy for your driving coach to come along for the drive too in order for them to pick up some tips too. If you find yourself without a driving coach, as many learner drivers do, we suggest choosing the 1 and a ½ or 2 hour option.

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Manual dual control vehicle
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